School Health Practitioners Training

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This is the mailing list for all events and training organised by Steiner Waldorf School Doctors UK. Currently aiming at running 3 times continuing professional development (CPD) training annually. We have also delivered the first three-year part-time School Health Practitioners Training UK in 2020 and will look into starting a new one when there is enough interest.

Who are we and what do we offer?
Seiner Waldorf School Doctors UK is set up by Dr med Hedda Joyce, who has been a school doctor for many Steiner Schools. Following the interest from teachers and therapists, we have been organising 3 training days per year on school health and child development for school doctors, teachers and therapists interested in school health. Some workshops we offered in the past including Development Stages and Therapeutic-Pedagogical Interventions with Dr med Michaela Glöckler, Autism with Dr James Dyson, and Resilience with Dr Peter Gruenewald.

What are the benefits to be on our mailing list?
By subscribing to our mailing list, you will only receive training invitations, which allow you to book our training at once. Within invitations, you may also find the announcement of open talk. Alternately, our training info can also be found on Anthroposophic Medicine UK website. Apart from submit your name and email address, we have also added the profession(s) that hope to provide a more tailor made training to prospective participants. Please also find our Privacy Notice. Contact Us:
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